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Significance of Belt Colours in Tang Sou Dao

The significance of belt colours for black belts and Masters in our style of Martial Art.

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About St Neots and Grafham Martial Arts

We teach Tang Sou Dao a practical & effective Martial Art in St Neots & Grafham.

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Master Treadaway - 6th Degree Black Belt and over 36 years martial arts training, teaches classes in St Neots and Grafham. Classes for Adults and Children.

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Principles of Tang Sou Dao

The 7 principles of Tang Sou Dao and our style of Martial Arts.

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Emblem page

The significance and meaning of our Martial Arts Emblem in Tang Sou Dao.

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Rules of Tang Sou Dao

Information of class rules and etiquette. Students should learn and put these rules into practice when training.

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Ji Grading Syllabus

Information for students for the Ji grading syllabus from 10th Ji White belt to 1st Ji Red Belt.

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Videos of Tang Sou Dao

Various videos of Tang Sou Dao showing our style of Martial Art.

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