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The significance and meaning of our Martial Arts Emblem in Tang Sou Dao.

The Significance and the meaning of the Emblem
Three colours have a particular relevance in the Ren Yi Wu Kwan Tang Sou Dao. To understand them is to know a little more about your chosen art and the Chinese principles upon which it is founded.

The WHITE colour is used to symbolise the beginner who comes to Ren Yi Wu Kwan. They are empty of knowledge of our art but are eager to learn, having as yet, untapped potential for development.

The RED colour is a vibrant colour belonging to the class of things known to Chinese as yang. It denotes a desire to acquire knowledge, a drive for understanding and progress.

The outer NAVY BLUE colour is a cool colour worn by dan/duan (duan is the Chinese for dan) grade instructors. It signifies a maturity in understanding the techniques, principles and applications of practice.

The BLUE colour belongs to that class of things which the Chinese describe as yin. This is the opposite of red/yang and its presence within our emblem highlights the need for balance. All extremes are harmful, so Ren Yi Wu Kwan aims at a well balanced approach to martial training.

You may also note that the fist (symbolising the physical aspect of practice) is smaller than the Way. This is because the Way encompasses and surrounds all things.

Incidentally, the fist is a yang principle and the Way, a yin principle. So once again we achieve a balance.

Finally, the reason why our most senior grades wear a navy blue belt rather than the black of other systems is that black signifies perfection of understanding and performance - a state which we in the Ren Yi Wu Kwan do not feel can be achieved within the student's lifetime

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