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About St Neots and Grafham Martial Arts

We teach Tang Sou Dao a practical & effective Martial Art in St Neots & Grafham.

We teach Tang Sou Dao (The Way of Tang Hand), which has its origins in both the vast knowledge and wisdom of Chinese teachings and in the advanced and open teaching methodology of more modern fighting systems. It is simple yet sophisticated, economical but of wide reaching application. It is an athletic skill with a practical application, it is a holistic healthy activity; it is a form of unparalleled mental discipline training the mind as well as the body. It is an exciting yet safe combat sport and an effective self-defence system.

Tang Sou Dao is a Chinese martial art that was founded by Grandmaster Loke, who has taught in the UK for over 40 years. Tang Sou Dao is a culmination of Chinese styles that Grandmaster Loke has studied since his youth. Grandmaster Loke is a firm believer that a martial art should not be stuck in the past, but should be innovative and organic; reflective of one’s own personal self-development. The result is a combination of sophisticated Kung Fu styles with a unique, practical and modern fighting system

Martial arts have been taught for thousands of years but never before have their core principles been made generally available. Previously it was necessary for you to train for more than twenty years before you could be taught those theories and practices which make all the difference to your effectiveness as a martial artist.

This system will teach you how to generate tremendous long range as well as short range impact power in blows. You will also learn a wide range of spectacular kicks, evasive and attacking footwork, line, timing, distance, effective grappling, body blocking and all the tactics which taken together make Tang Sou Dao work for you - regardless of your size and weight.

At classes you will learn a variety of skills and techniques.

  • Hand / Foot techniques & combinations
  • Advanced footwork
  • Physical health & fitness
  • Body conditioning
  • Mental fitness & discipline
  • Effective blocks & strikes
  • Hip & short range power
  • Breathing & internal exercises
  • forms (thau)
  • 1 & 3 step sparring
  • Free sparring
  • Self-Defence techniques
  • Pad & bag work
  • Line, timing & distance control
  • Body blocking
  • Groundwork
  • Plus many more…..

Tang Sou Dao incorporates practical self-defence. You will learn basic and advanced hand techniques, leg techniques, ground work, evasion and disarming principles. We also include traditional stretching methods and drill work. Training Tang Sou Dao will improve physicality in many way, including flexibility, strength, co-ordination, fitness, precision and power delivery. Because it encompasses a variety of different skills, adults of any age can start and be sure to gain something positive.

Because the skills learnt are martial, it is important to treat training seriously. Tang Sou Dao continues to adopt conventional Karate-type methods of teaching, such as the belt system. Training in this way increases focus, confidence and self-discipline. This combination of physical and mental instruction makes it an ideal skill for children to learn. Tang Sou Dao is like a family, the seniors look after the junior and the younger ones. There are many families who join together in the club, and we even have three generations training together!

Your first lesson is free. Just come along in loose comfortable clothing you have nothing to loose!

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