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Significance of Belt Colours in Tang Sou Dao

The significance of belt colours for black belts and Masters in our style of Martial Art.
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Significance of Belt Colours

1st-3rd Duan/Degree Black Belt – Navy Blue Within the Ren Yi Wu Kwan, a navy blue belt is used rather than a black one. This is because traditionally, black symbolises that attainment of perfection in terms of both performance and understanding and we do not feel that any student or master – no matter how dedicated and accomplished – can ever attain perfection within their lifetime.

4th Duan and Above/Shi fu Master Grade – Navy Blue with Red Centre Trim Red is a vibrant colour and it is incorporated into the highest-grade belts to signify that training must continue in a vibrant and enthusiastic way. Red serves to remind us that regardless of our grade and knowledge, we all have a responsibility to continue with our personal development.

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