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Principles of Tang Sou Dao

The 7 principles of Tang Sou Dao and our style of Martial Arts.

Here are the seven basic principles of Ren Yi Wu Kwan Tang Sou Dao.

There is far more to the practice of Tang Sou Dao than simply being able to perform good techniques. The members of our academy are also members of society and even as they behave themselves as befits martial artists within the training hall, so they are expected to conduct themselves with honour and dignity in general society. These principles are chosen to reflect the philosophy of our academy's name- the Ren Yi Wu Kwan.

In order to guide you in what is expected, you should learn the following Seven Principles of Ren Yi Wu Kwan Tang Sou Dao practice by heart and apply them to your daily lives:

  1. Show loyalty to the society of which you are a member
  2. Be obedient to your parents and elders
  3. Show respect for instructors and senior grades
  4. Exercise self control at all times
  5. Do not boast of your skills and abilities, rather show humility
  6. Take responsibility for your actions
  7. Share your knowledge with others
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