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Championship Updates

Information and updates regarding the Tang Sou Dao Championships for St Neots & Grafham students.

The Tooi Ta Sparring Competition will be held at Clements Hall Sportscentre, Hockley, Essex this year. For those who have participated before, we hope that you will again. And for those who have not and are unsure, it really is an enjoyable day for everyone. It is a great opportunity to meet students from other clubs, of the same grade and age as yourself. Watching the black belts and demonstrations will also show you what can be achieved with hard work and practice.

It is also good for your own self-development to experience the adrenalin of competition. Whether you win a medal or not, is an achievement to participate, and to come away with new friends. You can be proud of winning a medal, but losing is a good way for children and adults to learn sportsmanship which is a better lesson. 

Due to the fact we have split the Championship this year into two days, we have more time this year to use the Repechage system. Previously due to lack of time we have used a straight knock out system whereby the loser to the finalists has automatically been awarded third place. The Repechage system means that all the eliminated participants will have a chance to qualify for third place, which is a fairer system and provides more bouts for everyone.

Judges and Referee training will be on 4th October 2015 at Grays HQ 2.30pm. It is incredibly important that all officials receive training and practice, particularly given we are changing the system this year. The day can only go smoothly with experienced officials, so please make sure that you all attend.

You can get an entry form from your instructor. Please hand them in early.

Tang Sou!!  

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