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Cambridgeshire Grading Dates 2024

Here is a list of grading dates for St Neots and Grafham Classes for Tang Sou Dao.
Grading dates in St Neots and Grafham, Cambridgeshire Tang Sou Dao Martial Arts Classes

Here is a list of the Ji Grading dates for 2024.

All students are encouraged to attend gradings regardless if you are not actually grading and participate in the training lesson.  Please show support to your clubs, region and fellow students regardless if you are grading. It is important to try and get all students together at the gradings for the support, morale and to standardise practice. Even if you are not actually grading, by taking part, helping out and watching the other students will give you some insight into what you actually have to do when it is your turn to grade.

For further information on the Ji grading syllabus please click here.

Tang Sou Dao Grading Dates in St Neots and Grafham

The gradings will be held at Grafham Village Hall, Brampton Road, Grafham, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0BG. For a map of Grafham Village Hall Location, please click HERE.

The grading will start with a class lesson and will follow with the grading examinations. To be able to grade, you will be pre tested via your instructor during normal training sessions. If your instructor thinks you are at the required level to grade he/she will hand you the relevant grading form. Please keep this form and hand it in on the day of your grading examination.  Your instructor will not only look to see if you have learned the correct form/s and techniques but will take into account your class training attendance. Once you are a federation member you can review the grading syllabus to see the required skills and techniques required at each different rank level.

Also to be able to grade you must be a federation member of the British Tang Sou Dao federation and have the required training uniform with uniform badges sewn on.

Cambridgeshire Ji Grading Dates 2024

Tbc March 2024 at Grafham Village Hall from 10am

Sunday 9th June 2024 at Grafham Village Hall from 2pm under Grandmaster Loke

Saturday 21st September 2024 at Grafham Village Hall from 10am

Saturday 7th December 2024 at Grafham Village Hall from 10am

If you require any further information, please contact your instructor Here.

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