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Cambridgeshire Form Workshop 2016

Information on the 2016 senior form workshop in Cambridgeshire with founder Grandmaster Loke attended by students form St Neots and Grafham classes.

On the 26th June 2016, Grandmaster Loke, Master Siew Loke, Master Grove and Mr Whalley from Tang Sou Dao HQ visited our St Neots and Grafham Wu Kwan for a form workshop.

Grandmaster Loke went through the new basic forms 1 - 3 and introduced the new Yi Chuen forms 1 - 5 that are replacing the Pin An forms. It was a warm afternoon and was great to see a range of students attend from while belt up to Master Belts. All students trained and showed great enthusiasm and a hunger to learn.

The new Yi Chuan forms are in line with the technical development of our school, and will be more practical and advanced than the Pin An forms. 

After the main form workshop, Grandmaster Loke introduced the new Luo Han form 1 to 3rd Duan grades and above.

The new forms will slowly be introduced in normal classes. They will take a while to learn and adjust but shows our style of martial arts is progressive.

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